RGB LED Rings Educate Previous Sprint New Methods

We’ve noticed a number of so-called “virtual sprint” upgrades over time that both increase, or totally exchange, a car’s unique dashboard signs with new shows. Whether or not its seven phase LEDs or a full-on graphical interface powered by way of the Raspberry Pi, the outcome is identical: a dashboard that appears wildly other than it did when the auto rolled off the meeting line.

However this LED dashboard undertaking from [Flyin’ Miata] takes a fairly other manner. Relatively than exchange the analog gauges fully, rings of RGB LEDs of the similar diameter have been positioned at the back of their matte black faces. When the LEDs are off you’d by no means understand them, however after they kick on, the sunshine is obviously visual in the course of the subject matter.

LEDs can simply shine in the course of the gauge face.

To this point, it seems like lots of the paintings turns out to had been put into the tachometer. The firmware operating at the CAN provided Adafruit Feather M4 can do issues akin to illuminate a dynamic redline in keeping with present engine temperature. It’s going to additionally illuminate the LEDs to practice the analog gauge because it strikes round, which would possibly now not have a lot sensible application, however without a doubt seems cool.

At the speedometer facet, the LEDs appear to be used basically as caution signs. As demonstrated within the video underneath, the entire gauge can illuminate shiny crimson to suggest a vital state of affairs akin to low oil power. In case you sought after to, the machine is also configured with other colours akin to quite a lot of imaginable fault prerequisites.

In comparison to one of the most extra competitive dashboard updates we’ve noticed, this is a fascinating compromise that is helping retain the glance of the unique instrumentation. In fact, relying at the make and style of the auto, you may be able to sneak in a small LCD display with out any person noticing.


[Thanks to STR-Alorman for the tip.]