Back in 2013, we got a 2D roguelike called Risk of Rain. It was a popular title that’s seen subsequent releases like a popular 3D sequel. Now, this franchise is hitting the mobile market with an all-new title. It’s called Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. It’s going to launch for Android and iOS soon.

In case you’re not familiar with the franchise, Risk of Rain surrounds a handful of survivors of a space freight crash. They wind up on a strange planet full of alien creatures. Also, the creatures just so happen to have a unanimous hatred of you, so your task is to fight your way through these creatures. That’s the core gameplay.

There’s a cast of different characters that you can play as, and each one has a different fighting style, so there’s a bunch of variety to the gameplay. If you want to play these for yourself, the three current titles (Risk of Rain, Risk of Rain 2, and Risk of Rain Returns), are all available to buy on Steam.

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds will hit the mobile market soon

This franchise has been available on just about every platform except for mobile. However, that’s going to change with Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. This is going to be a 3D roguelike with much the same gameplay as the original. You’re going to choose which character you want to play as and fight your way through hordes of enemies. It’s pretty straightforward in that regard.

As you play, you’ll encounter stronger enemies, which is to be expected. So, in order to counter this, you’ll need to grind and upgrade your character to keep up.

When you play, you’ll choose up to three characters to be in your squad. While you’re in battle, you’re able to switch between the characters, so you’ll be able to swap to characters better suited for the enemies you’re fighting.

Nostalgic folks might be in for a shock

So, this happens just about every time a company brings back a beloved franchise and pushes it to mobile phones. The original game came out in 2013; before the microtransaction craze. Now, in the year 2023, there’s no telling if this game is going to stay true to the older titles or go full gacha mode. At the end of the trailer, we see what looks like a character being summoned.

Summons are a big part of the whole gacha scene. Not to fearmonger, but you should expect some degree of modern mobile game shenanigans with this game. We will find out when this game launches. However, at the moment, we don’t know what that’s going to be.

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