Robot Gripper From A Squishy Ball


Comfortable robot grippers have some fascinating use circumstances, however the business choices don’t seem to be affordable. [James Bruton] used to be desirous about the $4000 “bean bag” gripper from Empire Robotics, so he determined to construct his personal.

The gripper is only a versatile rubber membrane full of small beads. When it’s driven over a object and the air is sucked out, it holds all of the beads in combination, molded to the form of the item. For his model [James] used a comfortable rubber ball full of BBs. To create a vacuum, he attached a big 200cc syringe to the ball by means of a hose, and actuated it with a top torque servo.

It labored smartly for small, mild gadgets however failed on heavier, easy gadgets without a edges to grip onto. This might be able to be progressed if the scale and weight of the beads/BBs are decreased.

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