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ROGUE SHIFT is a high-intensity top-down shooter, set on a harsh planet that will test your will to survive. To stay alive, you will pit yourself against hordes of relentless enemies in an unforgiving, hostile environment.

Level up, unlock perks, gain psionic abilities and find weapons to become progressively more powerful as you attempt to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

ROGUE SHIFT can be played using a keyboard & mouse, or as a twin-stick shooter using any compatible controller (XBox, PlayStation or generic equivalents).

There are three difficulty levels to suit any skill level: CASUAL, HARD and BRUTAL.


When your dropship is shot down by supposedly friendly defences, you find yourself isolated. Dangerous creatures lurk, and hazardous environments separate you from the nearest outpost. Before you can even think about finding answers, your immediate concern is just to survive the first five minutes.


  • Survive insanely intense battles against relentless enemy hordes.
  • Explore, loot and shop to build up your arsenal of psionics (powers) and weapons.
  • Level up and unlock perks to boost your character over time in a manner that suits your play-style.
  • Three distinct gameplay modes, all with online scoreboards and persistent character progression.
  • Some modes include online co-op up to 3 players.


STORY: A single-player story mode with objectives, inventory management and more, spanning 3 chapters.

  • Complete one Chapter to unlock the next Chapter.
  • Story mode includes manual inventory management, mission objectives and a journal.
  • Your full inventory and Psionics are saved when you successfully complete a Chapter. This only applies to Story mode.

FINAL STAND: Survive as long as you can against escalating waves of enemies.

  • No victory condition. You will die.
  • Each new wave is more challenging than the preceding wave.
  • Loot, shop and upgrade rapidly as you attempt to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

ESCAPE: Battle your way through a series of increasingly difficult zones to reach the exit..

  • Successfully reach the exit for a nice score bonus.
  • Each zone is more challenging than the preceding zone.
  • Loot, shop and upgrade rapidly as you attempt to stay one step ahead of the enemy.


SIZE: 940 MB


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