Rt 376 Knotweed

Ultimate June, NYS DOT stunned us via clearing the Jap Knotweed alongside Rt 376 simply north of Maloney, then making use of sufficient defoliant to stay it knocked again this Spring:

Rt 376 Knotweed – defoliation close to Maloney – 2021-05-23

A yr previous, they clearcut the overgrowth past the information rail from Purple Oaks Mill southward, however with out defoliant, and the Knotweed is off to a just right get started:

Rt 376 Knotweed - Knotweed growth - 2021-05-23
Rt 376 Knotweed – Knotweed enlargement – 2021-05-23

I’ll do my phase, insufficient even though my pruners is also:

Rt 376 Knotweed - Knotweed trimming - 2021-05-23
Rt 376 Knotweed – Knotweed trimming – 2021-05-23

I were given many of the enlargement in entrance of the information rail extending around the shoulder, however should look forward to every other weekend morning to Mod again the principle stems.

Sadly, Knotweed keep watch over calls for just about steady clearcutting and defoliation to stop new enlargement.