Rune II v1.0.919-CODEX

It was once foretold that all over Ragnarok, the gods would fall and the nine nation-states could be fed on by way of frost and fireplace… however it isn’t what took place. The gods didn’t perish. Instead, for seven horrible years, giants, beasts, and the undead have ravaged the nation-states whilst the gods inexplicably withheld their coverage. Immersed in darkness and chaos, mankind’s personal international of Midgard lies captive within the merciless grab of maniacal Loki.

As a hardened Viking warrior, RUNE II avid gamers will align with their selected god as they pillage villages for robust guns and armor, whole quests for his or her deity and obtain blessings of power and magic. Your quest is modest – break Loki, however you needn’t do it on my own. Team up together with your Viking allies to realize the advantages of shared revel in and the power that handiest is available in numbers.

Time is towards you. Loki will reset Ragnarok conserving Midgard in an never-ending apocalypse. Rise, Warrior! Save your self and all of mankind from the Norse apocalypse.


Explore Vast and Dangerous Lands

Once-beautiful Midgard lies in ruins, disfigured and drowned. Braving destruction and demise, stalk your ravaged international looking for Loki’s minions…and the Trickster himself. Where Ragnarok has warped the land maximum, there chances are you’ll in finding essentially the most robust guns and sources..

Go Alone or Team Up With Friends

Brave the tip of days on my own or invite fellow warriors to accompany you via Ragnarok. Together, sail a fleet of longships to overrun enemy fortresses, fight facet by way of facet towards giants and huge monsters, and stand as one to stand Loki himself. Add to the insanity of Ragnarok in brutal PvP battles to look who could also be essentially the most feared Viking in Midgard.

Choose Your God

Align with a Norse god to obtain distinctive skills and talents to help you to your quests. Do you align with Thor, who grants you power? Or with Hel, who will provide you with energy over the lifeless? Or most likely the Allfather himself, Odin, who will grant you further coverage from the harmful international? Choose correctly.

The End of Days

Ragnarok has plagued the land of Midgard for some distance too lengthy. Its finish is coming however Loki’s twisted plan is to reset it again to the start of the tip of days. You and your extended family will have to do no matter it takes to break the Trickster god and save Midgard from a perpetual Ragnarok.

Collect Powerful Equipment and Harness Rune Powers

Complete quests on your god via mystical runes and harness their powers to beef up your struggle skills. Pillage villages and take down robust enemies to realize guns and armor as you turn out to be your self right into a warrior in a position to taking down a god.

Prove Yourself

As the legends foretold, your loss of life realm is being torn additional aside by way of warfare. Huge monsters, giants, feral beasts, dwelling warriors, and the dishonored lifeless alike, all tear at one some other for dominance over what’s left of Midgard. Warrior, are you able to upward thrust above the fray? Can you end up your self mightiest of all by way of slaying Loki?

Rune II v1.0.919-CODEX

SIZE: 21.1 GB

NOTES: With the discharge of the v1.0.919 replace the sport information modified alot so we made up our minds to make a brand new standalone. The Soundtrack and World Map are incorporated.



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