Russia developed a new protected computer “Elbrus 801M”


Russian developers from the fear “Avtomatika”, part of the Russian State Corporate” Rostec”, introduced a brand spanking new high-performance monoblock computer “Elbrus 801M” at the XIV World Aviation and House Show (MAKS)-2022.

In keeping with the developers, “Elbrus 801M” meets all the same old must haves for a modern administrative center computer, on the other hand at the an identical time, the program is superior to out of the country analogs in terms of cybersecurity.

Since the developer’s advisor outlined, the new computer is safe from most hacking methods identified in this day and age.

In keeping with Rostec, the main shoppers of this monoblock can be government companies, along with companies from the security sector, oil, energy and supply industries.

In keeping with professionals, new monoblock “Elbrus 801М” can be in name for thru shoppers as a result of the over the top degree of capability, cyber protection and ergonomic characteristics. Execs discussed that the capability of the monoblock exceeds 120 GFlops. It is well-known that the monoblock was created on the basis of the Russian eight-core Central microprocessor “Elbrus-8”.

“We are already in a position to take orders for the producing of such laptop methods. Our monoblocks in keeping with Russian-made processors are occupied with those who need computer equipment with house processors, with a over the top degree of protection towards cyber attacks,” – discussed the developer’s Assistant, Konstantin Trushkin.

In keeping with him, the development of the monoblock worth ten circumstances affordable than out of the country industry leaders.

It’s crucial to note that the motherboard, processor, peripheral controller of the computer are created in Russia. House instrument may be used: BIOS and Russian-made operating system Elbrus Linux. It is identified that “Elbrus 801M” is acceptable with 32-bit operating techniques, harking back to Microsoft House home windows.

“Lots of the identified hacker methods of hacking towards “Elbrus” do not art work. The original command system of monoblock requires the appearance of new viruses, which in this day and age simply does not exist, they’ve not however been developed,” discussed Trushkin.

By way of 2022, it is consider to advertise a variety of thousand pieces of kit. In addition to, in 2022, an stepped ahead “Elbrus” taste with a next-generation processor should appear.