Russian Photographer Recreated Barbie And Ken as If They Lived In The Soviet Union

Photographer Lara Vychuzhanina recreated scenes from Soviet existence the use of the Barbie and Ken dolls as the primary actors. As you’ll see from the pictures, Barbie and her husband are placing out in a communal rental wearing a garb directly out of Eighties USSR. Ken is having a look rather stern, it will have to be stated, as he sits at a desk whole with vodka, cigarettes, and Pravda newspaper… Perhaps he’s unsatisfied about residing with Barbie’s mum, who’s doing the showering up…

Soviet Barbie.Soviet Barbie apartment.Soviet Barbie party.Soviet Barbie cat.Soviet Barbie dinner.Soviet Ken.Soviet couple.Soviet Ken.Soviet Barbie.Soviet Barbie.Ken drinking vodka.(*7*)(*6*)Soviet Barbie party.(*1*)(*10*)Soviet Barbie house.

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