rust: Integration trying out Shipment binaries with assert_cmd

Shipment permits us to execute a couple of other varieties of assessments,
together with integration and unit. For now we will speak about
integration assessments for our CLI. Integration assessments
are living in /assessments and simplest have get admission to to the general public
interface of a crate.

On this case, we will run the lawn binary the use of
assert_cmd and assert quite a lot of issues in regards to the
execution and output. For instance, that the binary
exits effectively and that stderr has no output.

shipment check permits us to run all assessments.

To limit the collection of assessments that run to just the two
that paintings, we will be able to use shipment check lend a hand to limit
shipment to just working assessments that fit the key phrase “lend a hand”,
or use #[ignore] on a check we need to forget about.

The 3rd check will probably be overlooked as a result of we’ve but to
construct out our capability.