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Samsung launched a Dropship app for file sharing across devices

Samsung Dropship

Samsung launched a new app called Dropship for file sharing across devices. With the app, users can share or send files from their Samsung smartphones to other Android or iOS devices and even on desktop devices using the web.

The app is currently available for users in South Korea and senders need to be on One UI 5.0 on top of Android 13 to use this app. This app is part of Samsung’s Good Lock app suit and users can download it from the galaxy store.

The app will allow users to share or send up to 5GB of files per day and if users want to share larger files than 5GB then they have to use nearby share or Quick share. The process of sending or transferring a file is very simple. The sender first selects the file it wants to share and the receiver device. The app will upload the file to an online host server and create a link and a QR code. To get the file receiver needs to enter the last four digits of the link or scan the QR code to get file. It is not necessary for the receiver to have a dropship app installed on their device or the Samsung account. But for senders, it is compulsory to have a Dropship app and a Samsung account.

The biggest advantage of this app is that receivers don’t have to be in close proximity to the senders to get the file just like the Bluetooth file transfer. The speed of file transfer will depend on the speed of the receiver’s internet as the files get transferred from the host servers. Also the file transfer, in this case, is much faster than that of Bluetooth file transfer.

The app is currently available for users in South Korea and is for a limited number of users as Android 13 is compulsory for the senders. Currently, there is a very limited number of users who are on One UI 5.0 based on Android 13. Officially, Android 13 is only available for the Galaxy S22 series.

The global availability of this app is currently unknown but it is speculated that the app will be available for all galaxy users running One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 globally somewhere in 2023.