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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 (2023) will be the first ever 8K ultra wide gaming monitor

Samsung has been pushing the envelope with its Odyssey gaming monitors lately and has just teased another world first – the 8K ultra-wide Odyssey Neo G9.

Previewed at Thursday’s AMD Radeon event, ahead of a full reveal at CES 2023 in January, Samsung is pitching the Odyssey Neo G9 to PC gamers with enough might to handle the 8K resolution.

Indeed, you’ll need a DisplayPort 2.1 capable GPU like the brand new RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT revealed by AMD during the showcase, as well as a CPU set-up powerful enough to ensure it can work in lock step with the graphics card.

The tease was extremely brief, so we don’t know how much this is going to cost or when it’ll go on sale. However, we can be sure it’ll be among the most expensive gaming monitors around.

Samsung already charges £2,100 for the existing Odyssey Neo G9 monitor, that offers a 240Hz refresh rate and the near-4K resolution of 5,120 x 1,440. We can imagine the sequel will be closer to £3,000, when Samsung reveals the full details in Vegas.

While the monitor should future-proof gamers who require the ultimate visual fidelity, it’s not clear how much use this monitor will be out of the gate. Most of what can currently be played at 8K relies on AI upscaling, including the original God of War on PC, which arrived in 2022.

Although the upscaling technology has proved quite impressive, there’s very little native content available right now. We imagine that’s going to be the case for quite some time.

Last year, the first ever native 8K 60fps game arrived on PS5. The Touryst can natively run at a 7680 x 4320 resolution. However, there’s was one snag… the PS5 itself doesn’t support 8K output at the present time.

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