Samsung has partnered with EV (electric vehicle) charging network EvLoop for its first-ever EV charger integration into SmartThings. This integration will allow users to monitor and manage charging their electric cars using their smartphones, tablets, watches, or other SMartThings-compatible devices such as TVs and refrigerators.

Samsung SmartThings gets an EV charger integration

SmartThings is Samsung’s biggest smart home platform and is at the heart of Samsung’s vision and efforts toward a connected world. With almost 300 million users, the platform is the largest globally. It lets users control and manage their smart home products, including lights, thermostats, TVs, security cameras, speakers, door locks, and more.

It is a comprehensive smart home ecosystem with support for multiple communication protocols, ensuring interoperability with products from various brands. The SmartThings app is available for Android, iOS, and other operating systems across a wide range of device categories. Features like automation, voice control, and geofencing make it a robust system.

Samsung is always working on expanding its feature set. These efforts have led to SmartThings integration for cars, allowing users to manage their smart vehicles remotely. The Korean firm is now bringing another important feature to the platform, particularly for those with an electric vehicle. With EvLoop integration, SmartThings users can better manage charging their cars.

According to Samsung, this EV charger integration will allow users to track the energy consumed by their electric vehicles. The automation feature offered by SmartThings will enable them to efficiently manage charging the cars during non-peak hours. “Consumers benefit from cost savings, and the electricity grid is improved during high-use events,” Mark Benson, the Head of SmartThings US, said.

EvLoop offers a wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles. Its EV Flex is an affordable option best suited for home usage. The EV Flex Lite adds a remote maintenance function, while the EV Flex Level 2 is a more robust charging station featuring multiple mounting options. EvLoop also has a mobile app that lets users locate charging stations, monitor the charging status, and pay for charging.

SmartThings Find lets you locate your car in a parking lot

SmartThings Find, a Samsung service designed to locate misplaced or lost Galaxy phones, tablets, watches, earbuds, and object trackers through a crowd-sourced network of Galaxy devices, also lets you locate your car in a parking lot. The service recently crossed 300 million registered devices, each one of which helps the other in finding lost products. It also lets you detect if an unknown or unauthorized object tracker is following you.

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