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Samsung to combat semiconductor decline with new research unit

Amid the ongoing semiconductor downfall, Samsung reportedly plans to launch a new in-house global research organization under the Device Solutions Business Division next month. This research division will be tasked with analyzing the global semiconductor market and also discovering new investment avenues.

This news follows a recent significant loss for the Korean tech giant. Samsung reportedly lost its leading position in the global semiconductor market to Intel in Q3. The tech giant and other semiconductor companies have experienced a steady drop in demand, supply chain disruptions, and excess inventory in recent years due to the COVID crisis. Samsung seemingly hopes that its new global semiconductor research division will help its situation. (via Business Korea)

Although Samsung leads several research organizations, these groups are tasked with analyzing different fields. And although Samsung Semiconductor could rely on external market researchers, there’s been a growing distrust in external sources. Samsung reportedly wants to take a closer look at the global semiconductor space through an in-house research division rather than relying on outside sources. Its new division will reportedly begin operations in December.

Following semiconductor supply shortages and then an oversupply of memory chips, Samsung’s memory business in Q3 suffered from a 14% year-on-year drop in revenue. The head of Samsung Semiconductor also stated that the situation might not improve that much next year. However, the company plans to increase the production of memory chips for servers, as demand for this sector appears to be higher.