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Samsung wants to add ChatGPT-like capabilities to mobile devices

Samsung may be working on bringing advanced conversational AI capabilities to its consumer electronics products. During a press conference in Malaysia last week, TM Roh hinted at the possibility that Samsung may be partnering with global IT firms to develop new AI-based technologies.

Samsung’s chief of mobile, TM Roh, brought up ChatGPT as an example, saying that “ChatGPT’s machine learning and deep learning are showing innovations […] The language model will pave the way for Samsung to develop further.” (via The Investor)

ChatGPT is an advanced AI chatbot that uses generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) language models to answer queries and solve problems in a conversational, natural manner.

Samsung may want to leverage advanced language models to bring better AI capabilities to its mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Samsung’s AI R&D center is “open to collaborating with various partners to find better AI technologies in the future,” reports say.

The Korean tech giant already has a conversational AI, Bixby, embedded into its mobile devices. It’s not as advanced as ChatGPT, but even way back in 2022, Samsung acquired South Korean startup Fluently to strengthen Bixby’s conversational skills.

With that in mind, the idea that Samsung wants more powerful conversational AI on its mobile devices is not new. But now, with ChatGPT gaining more traction and Google jumping on the chatbot bandwagon with its own conversational AI called “Bard,” Samsung seems to be looking for AI partners to develop or implement similar tools onto its mobile devices.

Samsung also uses AI for many other products, including vacuum cleaners and home appliances, so it could be that the company’s vision regarding advanced language models for the future could extend beyond smartphones and tablets.