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Samsung Wonderland is still the best holiday wallpaper generator

Samsung released Wonderland a couple of years ago as a Good Lock module for users who want to generate custom wallpapers. If you ask me, Wonderland is still one of the most fun custom wallpaper solutions, especially if you’re in a festive mood now that the holiday season is upon us.

If you’ve used Samsung’s Wonderland before, you probably don’t need an introduction. But if you haven’t and you’re looking for an app that lets you create custom wallpapers for the holidays, I highly recommend giving this Good Lock module a try.

Wonderland comes with a couple of winter-themed dynamic wallpapers, complete with snowflakes and other moving elements that react to your phone’s gyro. You can customize these existing wallpapers to your liking by adding more snowflakes and tweaking a wide variety of parameters. Or you can create your own from the ground up, using your own photos and graphical elements. And in case you’re wondering whether you can use Wonderland wallpapers for both the home and the lock screens, the answer is yes.

The one downside is that Samsung’s new Good Lock module designed for sharing settings between different devices — Galaxy to Share — doesn’t seem to support Wonderland. In other words, you can’t share your creations with others. But we’re hoping that this option will come one day. And additionally, Wonderland is not a stand-alone app, meaning it requires Good Lock, which is not available everywhere. But until these things improve for the better, we highly recommend Wonderland if you want to add a festive theme to your Galaxy phone or tablet.