Samsung is one of the top brands for NVMe SSD drives and right now Best Buy is having its Black Friday sale which has dropped the price of Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD down to $119.99. Worth mentioning is that this is also for the model that comes with the heatsink.

Which makes it compatible with the PS5. In fact it’s the exact same SSD I was personally using for my PS5 until I upgraded to a newer SSD with more storage. The read and write speeds are very quick on the 980 Pro which makes for some wicked quick boot and load times on your games. Of course this isn’t just for PS5 and can be used with PC as well. Provided you have a motherboard with additional M.2 NVMe SSD slots, or a board that has them at all.

Samsung built this drive to prevent from overheating when playing games, and used a nickel coated controller for better thermal management. The goal here being to make sure you don’t see drops in performance. And if you’re using the SSD in your PC then you get some extra features. Samsung offers something called Magician software that lets you check all kinds of stuff about the SSD to monitor it. Including the health of your drive. You can also use this software to optimize performance and protect your data so you don’t lose any of it in the event something goes wrong.

Samsung’s SSDs are on sale quite a bit but never really this low. So if you’re needing an SSD upgrade for your PS5 or your PC, this one is highly recommended and you can grab this deal from the link below.

Samsung 2TB 980 Pro SSD W/ Heatsink – Best Buy

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