Satco PAR30 LED Highlight Teardown

A kind of LED spotlights can have slightly outlasted its nugatory guaranty, however no longer by means of a lot, and has been languishing at the again of the bench with “Glints sizzling” scrawled on its facet.

The steel base didn’t reply to twisting, so I slit the threads with a cutoff wheel:

Satco PAR30 - thread slit(*17*)Satco PAR30 – thread slit


Making use of the screwdriver got rid of the bottom to expose a silicone rubber casting:

Satco PAR30 - thread silicone(*17*)Satco PAR30 – thread silicone


The small twine rising close to the threshold of the plastic case appears to be the impartial touch to the shell, with a deficient sufficient joint to signify it would had been why the lamp flickered when it were given sizzling.

Some brute drive snapped the silicone off on the backside of the plastic case and broke the two wires bringing AC to the PCB:

(*1*)(*17*)Satco PAR30 – thread silicone base


Digging round within produced a particles box of silicone crumbs, damaged resistors, torn caps, and more than a few different elements, with 0 growth towards taking away the shell:

Satco PAR30 - silicone extraction(*17*)Satco PAR30 – silicone extraction


Just a little lathe paintings transformed a bit of PVC pipe right into a crude mandrel supporting the mangled case:

(*4*)(*17*)Satco PAR30 – base slicing setup


A couple of millimeters of sissy cuts launched a silicone O-ring sealing the shell in opposition to the reflector:

Satco PAR30 - O-ring seal(*17*)Satco PAR30 – O-ring seal


Proceeding the cuts sooner or later published the three screws protecting the shell to the reflector and the two wires powering the LED:

(*2*)(*17*)Satco PAR30 – reflector separated


Cutting off the screws with a diagonal cutter freed the shell and published the highest of the PCB:

Satco PAR30 - electronics top(*17*)Satco PAR30 – electronics best


It truly does have a stunning selection of elements!

The ones three screws attached the LED panel / heatsink to the shell in the course of the again of the double-walled reflector. Extra brute drive peeled the outer shell away and launched the panel:

(*8*)(*17*)Satco PAR30 – lens meeting


Each and every of the 5050 programs incorporates a couple of white LEDs with 5.2 V ahead drop for the pair, on the very low check present. They’re all in sequence, so that you’re having a look at smartly over 60 V general ahead drop:

(*5*)(*17*)Satco PAR30 – LED panel element


Observe that the wiring, which no person will ever see, follows {the electrical} colour code of white = commonplace and grey = sizzling.

In all probability I will have to flip the lens into an attention-grabbing artwork object