ASUS and its ROG brand are well-known in the gaming market for being some of the best PCs to game on and right now you can save $150 on the ROG Strix G17 laptop.

This discount may or may not stick around through Black Friday and it brings the price down from $1,199.99 to $1,049.99. This is an entry-level gaming laptop but it’s also kind of at the upper end of that range thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3050 GPU. It’s great for casual gaming or even more hardcore gaming if you tweak the graphics settings, and because of the big 17.3-inch display your games will look great.

The display has a 144Hz refresh rate too so you should be able to expect pretty decent frame rates in games where this frame rate is supported. You get lots of RAM availability with 16GB for the system, and that’s plenty to ensure the laptop is up to the task of managing multiple apps and your favorite games together.

One really awesome feature is that ASUS used liquid metal on the CPU to help keep it cool. It’s capable of really efficient cooling of the processor while making sure the fans don’t have to come up to full rip. And that means a quieter system for you when you’re doing more intensive activities like gaming. You can snag this deal from the link below if you’re ready for a gaming laptop upgrade.

ASUS ROG Strix G17 – Amazon

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