Everyone would probably love to do a little less cleaning if they could, and luckily with this sale on the Shark AV753 Ion robot vacuum you can. For Black Friday Amazon has lowered the price on this vacuum by 43%, bringing the price down from $229.99 to $129.99.

That’s less money than some of Shark’s upright and cordless vacuums. Plus you don’t have to do any of the legwork of cleaning the floors. The most you have to do is start a cleaning session using the app. Or you could make things even easier on yourself and set up a cleaning schedule. Then like clockwork the vacuum will go through and suck up all the dirt and debris every day. Leaving you to be completely hands-off until it’s time to empty the dust bin.

The Shark AV753 Ion can run for about 120 minutes, so depending on the size of your home it may to stop and recharge once in a while. Although if your place is smaller it should be able to finish without issue. Then when it’s done it goes back to the base. This way it can recharge so it’s ready for the next clean. The vacuum has Alexa support as well which makes things a little more convenient. If you aren’t setting up a cleaning schedule, this is a great way to still get cleaning done hands-free. You won’t have to open the app to get things started. You can just ask Alexa to do it and it’ll relay the commands to the vacuum.

Now you might be worried about robot vacuums bumping into stuff. But this one is designed to detect edges and stairs. So it can avoid bumping into walls or furniture and falling down the steps. If you’re ready to make your cleaning routines easier you can snag this deal from the link below.

Shark AV753 Ion Robot Vacuum – Amazon

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