Black Friday sale pricing is in full swing at Amazon and other retailers and now’s your chance to save some money on an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU for your PC. If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your CPU but just haven’t had the time to install one or you’ve just been waiting for better pricing, that time has come. Amazon currently has the Ryzen 5 7600X CPU on sale for $80 off. Normally this CPU retails for $299 but you can pick it up for $219.

That’s an $80 savings and a good way to start the upgrade process. As you would now have more money for any other components you might need to upgrade. On top of that, this CPU has a $10 coupon that applies at checkout. So you should end up getting it for $209 in the end.

The Ryzen 5 7600X has a 4.70GHz clock speed and will be more than suitable for gaming at 1440p resolution. It should also be just fine for 4K gaming. What’s more is that you don’t see much of an improvement from bumping up to the 7700 version. So by going with this model, especially at the Black Friday sale price, you save quite a bit of money and get nearly the same performance.

If you want to save even just a little bit more Amazon also has the Ryzen 5 7600 on sale. This is down to $199 so it’s $9 cheaper than the 7600X model with its $10 coupon applied. Though honestly the 7600X is a better value for the $9 more. You can snag this deal from the link below.

AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs – Amazon

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