Let’s face it, your WiFi is slow and it’s time for an upgrade. The first place you should look to upgrade is the router, and that includes the Nest WiFi Pro. This is a WiFi 6E router, which right now is just $199 – that’s a $100 discount for a two-pack. Google is also selling the three-pack at a discount too, coming in at $279, a $120 discount.

Google Nest WiFi Pro – Amazon

I’ve been using the Nest WiFi Pro for the past year, pretty much since it was released, and I absolutely love it. As I said in my Nest WiFi Pro Review last year, it’s super easy to setup, and gives you lightning fast speeds. At my home, I have Comcast, which gives me about 800Mbps down and around 20Mbps up, not the best, but pretty decent. And on WiFi with WiFi 6E being used, I’m able to surpass those numbers quite easily. The signal has also improved greatly compared to the router that Comcast provides, which is a huge deal.

So how did signal improve? Well, first off the Nest WiFi Pro is able to cover 2,200 square-feet with a single router. So the two-pack can do 4,400 square feet and the three-pack can do 6,600 square feet. That’s more than enough for most homes. I live in a townhome, so it needs to go through floors and more walls than a regular apartment or ranch home, and the Nest WiFi Pro is able to do that pretty easily.

You control the Nest WiFi Pro entirely through the Google Home app, which is really easy to use. From there you can see how much bandwidth is being used and by which devices. You also have the ability to see how your network has been performing over the last many hours. Finally, Nest WiFi Pro gives you access to three bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz.

The Nest WiFi Pro is kind of pricey, but this is a good investment, especially if you work from home like myself. As it does include WiFi 6E which will be the latest and greatest for quite some time – as WiFi 7 has not even been certified yet.

Google Nest WiFi Pro – Amazon

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