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Yahoo Email Contacts List

At paintings I’ve a quite massive checklist of contacts, now and again I’ve a couple of e mail addresses inside one unmarried touch. For instance, let’s imagine I’ve a touch “Bob”, inside that touch I’ve L: [email protected] and L: [email protected]. When I start a brand new e mail, if I sort “Bob”, either one of those addresses will seem, however I will simplest make a choice one. I’d like to make a choice each with no need to retype Bob to make the checklist seem once more to click on the opposite.

I’m conscious you’ll click on the “To:” button to make the checklist of contacts seem, however you want to scroll down and to find your touch, then shift click on to make a choice all of them. Scrolling round can also be tough with the quantity of contacts I’ve. I’m now not truly occupied with making teams for quite a lot of causes.

So is what I’m seeking to do conceivable or am I asking an excessive amount of?