Scalpers Need $5,000 for the Steam Deck

That did not take lengthy. Scalpers have driven the cost of Valve’s new Steam Deck gaming hand-held to as prime as $5,000 simply one day after it went up for pre-order.

Valve provides three other variations of the Steam Deck: A $399 base fashion that includes 64GB of eMMC garage, a $529 fashion that features a 256GB NVMe SSD, and a $649 fashion with a 512GB NVMe SSD in addition to anti-glare glass for the show.

Call for for the hand-held gave the look to be upper than Valve anticipated. Its servers have been strained when pre-orders began, and on the time of writing, supply dates have slipped to 2Q22 for the 64GB and 256GB fashions and 3Q22 for the 512GB one.


(Symbol credit score: eBay)

Valve technically labeled those orders as reservations, with a $5 deposit carried out to the general order when the units are nearer to delivery. It sounds as if that during some instances, the scalpers are handiest promoting the reservation, this means that their consumers may also have to buy the {hardware} from Valve, however in different instances, the Steam Deck itself is in point of fact on the market. This ambiguity now not handiest makes it more difficult for consumers to resolve the actual value of a machine but additionally offers scalpers a strategy to maximize their earnings by way of requiring even much less of an prematurely funding.


However that hasn’t stopped the secondary marketplace price from hovering above the authentic value. Listings on eBay vary from $800 for reservations for the 64GB fashion to as prime as $5,000 for reservations for the 512GB fashion on the time of writing.

The estimated supply window may be affecting the checklist costs. A base fashion anticipated to send by way of December 31 sells for more or less an identical quantity as a 256GB fashion arriving in 2022, for instance, just because it’ll arrive quicker.

None of that is in particular stunning. Scalpers thrive on the intersection of low provide, prime call for, and somewhat low MSRPs—which is why they have got controlled to make hundreds of thousands by way of concentrated on PlayStation 5 consoles, GPUs, and different electronics.