Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones on the planet for everything from casual consumer listening to high-grade audiophile cans, and right now you can pick up the HD60 for $200 off the normal price.

These regularly retail for $499.99. And at $500 they’re definitely going to turn some people off. Which is understandable given that not everyone tends to care as much about this kind of transformational audio experience. But Since they’re down to $299.99 right now as part of an early Black Friday deal at Amazon, that’s a much more attainable price tag. And one that makes these worth considering to a larger group of consumers. First up these are open-back headphones. So you’ll get a more natural sound experience from whatever you’re listening to.

However, that also means you’ll hear more of what’s going on around you if there’s any ambient noise. Like a vacuum cleaner. We wouldn’t recommend these for use where you expect there to be a lot of noise going on around you while you listen. But if you want something for a quieter environment, say you’re working from home and there’s nothing else going on in the background, these are excellent. These plug in using a 3.5mm jack so you’ll need a device that has that to use these with it. Which is going to limit the use of them with some mobile devices unless you have an adapter. They also come with super soft cushioned ear pads.

All of that said these are a great pair of headphones for people who just like sitting and listening to music and letting everything else kind of drift away. You can grab this deal from the link below.

Sennheiser HD60 – Amazon

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