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Sentinel: Cursed knight is a unmarried participant RPG which units within the land of Kasweihn. You’re a knight of the holy order to research what went incorrect within the Kasweihn space, despatched by way of king Rethvor. The king hasn’t heard anything else from the area for months and it kind of feels that no-one who entered got here out lately. You’re despatched in and discover the grueling horrors of darkness that has set within the Kasweihn area.

You first get started with a few pieces however slowly additional within the recreation you’ll stage up, achieve extra apparatus and be capable of use extra skills as your stats build up. There’s a huge open international in a position so that you can discover and all secrets and techniques to discover! Wealthy lore litters the panorama with other voice acted NPC to speak to and uncover what took place in Kasweihn. In addition to tough bosses to defeat, powerfull demons to grasp and mythical apparatus to search out and use in opposition to the darkest of forces. Or, transform one of them as you corrupt your self and achieve the facility to make use of demonic skills.


* Other playstyles ; Combat in melee like a warrior or a raging beserker. Most likely make a choice to make use of magical spells for afar and bombard your enemies in hails of fireside. The selection is yours.

* Lot of Content material ; The primary tale takes some time & all the way through the tale you’ll stray from the trail to find huge caves, deep forests & extra. You’ll additionally make a choice to go into the Deep Maw, a big dungeon in a position so that you can discover!

* Customisation ; You’ll customise your personality’s appereance and stats for your liking, converting with you and your playstyle.

* Monsters All over! ; There are alot of various enemies to struggle, from skeletons to demons. With 20+ other enemies to stumble upon and 5 bosses to defeat.

* Numerous pieces ; Potions, crafting pieces, helmets, mask, armors, Maces, Swords, staffs, axes, claymores, hammers… With over 70 other pieces, the sport has alot of things to find!

* Corruption ; Be careful! as you slowely corrupt your self, providing you with unfathomable powers, however it will additionally imply your dying!

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