Shakedown: Hawaii is in the end coming to 3DS quickly, might be one of its final prime profile video games

Shakedown: Hawaii is lately available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Transfer, and PlayStation Vita, and now it’s coming to a few different quasi-legacy hand held: the 3DS. Developer Vblank type of has a issue for supporting strategies when no one else will (Unfashionable Town Rampage famously was once introduced on WiiWare with regards to the top of its existence), and the 3DS is not any exception.

In spite of Nintendo not actively rising video video games for it (that everyone knows of, as of this E3) and near to no one releasing major new video video games for it the previous couple of months outdoor of Atlus, Vblank is gearing up for a 3DS free up on September 19 in North The us, and September 26 in Europe. The guidelines comes in an instant from Vblank’s first rate Shakedown: Hawaii internet web page.

Shakedown: Hawaii ended up being one of the overall major Vita video video games this 12 months previous to Sony ended cart production, and it could be one of the overall 3DS titles. Pour one out!

Shakedown: Hawaii [Vblank] Thank you Jeff!