Shielding a Cheap RTL-SDR Stick

Even if no longer each reader could be a radio fanatic, it’s an excellent bet that lots of you are going to have experimented with an RTL-SDR USB dongle through now. Those super-cheap units are supposed for virtual TV reception and include an RTL2832 chip, which with the right kind tool, can also be driven into provider as a common goal tool outlined radio receiver. For round $10 USD they’re implausible worth and a large number of amusing to play with, even supposing they’re no longer the most productive radio ever. The best way to reinforce the lackluster efficiency? One of the crucial absolute best and least expensive tactics is solely to protect it from RF noise, which [Alan R] has performed with one thing as mundane as a tubular fizzy orange pill container.

That is most probably one of the better hacks you’ll see in this web site, as all it comes to is making a suitable hollow after all of the tube and shielding the entire with some aluminium foil sticky tape. However the advantages can also be noticed instantly within the type of decreased FM broadcast band interference, one thing that plagues the less expensive dongles.

Most likely the worth on this Mod apart from how simple it’s on an affordable dongle is that it serves to remind us one of the advantages of paying slightly additional for a greater high quality instrument. When you’d like to understand extra about RTL-SDR enhancements, it’s a subject matter we lined intimately again in 2022 after we checked out seven years of RTL-hackery.