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Shootero Space Shooting Attack 2022 Apk Mod 1.4.07

Shootero – Space Shooting Attack 2022 Mod Apk: Shooter Heroes is the ultimate combination of shoot-em-up and rogue-lite gaming! Shootero lets you enter space combat to achieve your greatest dream, to conquer the galaxy. Shootero is a classic space game genre that’s been reinvented with the new infinity rogue light space shooting.

*Game Features

This shooter game features insane air combats with galaga enemies. It also traps you in different movement patterns and attack modes. You screen will turn into your battlefield, and intense missiles lasers bullets are going to cover it.

*Elaborate your strategy

Pick your favourite bullet pattern, and then build it during play. You have more than 50 skills that you can add to your spaceship to make it your own. This allows you to personalize your strategy battle

*Infinite Repeatability

You can use tons of x-factors to make your aerial battles more exciting and unique. While you can quickly challenge each level, it is possible to experiment with the most effective combinations of skills in order to progress your space adventure.

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