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Simple Plasma Cutter Collision Detection System

Machine equipment ceaselessly have tough power motors, letting them paintings briefly and appropriately to get the process achieved rapid. However, this will purpose primary injury if the device head collides with an sudden object. To offer protection to towards such occurances, [Xnaron] advanced a easy gadget to close down his plasma cutter within the match of a crash.

The gadget is composed of a 3-d revealed collar that matches across the plasma chopping torch. The collar has two mating portions, which can be held in conjunction with three magnets and three ball bearings to behave as a key, keeping up the proper orientation. Three prohibit switches are then fitted, held closed by way of the two mating halves. When the torch collides with an object, this reasons the magnetic coupling to seperate, triggering one or extra of the prohibit switches, and closing down the gadget safely.

Video of an unplanned collision displays the software running neatly. It’s a neat resolution that would most likely be tailored to different kinds of gadget device that don’t enjoy top lateral forces. Of path, for those who don’t but have a plasma cutter, you’ll be able to all the time make your individual. Video after the damage.