Skellboy Refractured-DARKZER0

Sometimes, when there may be no person as much as the duty, outdated heroes need to upward thrust from the grave to avoid wasting the day! Crush your enemies and make excellent use in their guts – actually, as you’ll be able to increase Skippy along with your foe’s frame portions and guns!

Help Skippy, the cubic skeleton, to combat off Squaruman’s never-ending forces of undead and harsh foes on this oblong motion packed cardboard journey!

Wait, What?
Life used to be non violent within the Cubold Kingdom till the king’s evil court docket magician were given dumped via the princess. With his middle damaged and his rage fueled, he known as upon the evil spirits to resurrect the lifeless and the dominion’s lengthy forgotten monstrosities. What he doesn’t notice in his fury is that he by chance summoned an historic hero as smartly… Skippy! Travel around the fantastically rendered kingdom of Cubold and take complete good thing about your resurrected, skeletal frame! Swap out frame portions to obtain new talents throughout your journey or pick out up a brand new weapon to conquer the evil magician’s lackeys. Onwards, Skippy, it’s time to be a hero another time!

What’s within?

An expansive singleplayer revel in around the interconnected Kingdom of Cubold stuffed with sq. fascinating characters and edgy villains!

A real action-rpg journey that can check your ability and rewards exploration!

Swap your bones for 100+ other frame portions and pieces of buddies and foes with (roughly) helpful results!

5 distinctive weapon sorts to clobber any foes you face!

Special enemies and managers that can in reality check your mettle!

A Vibrant 2nd pixelart taste that involves existence in a 3d global!

Includes some rocking chiptune tracks and sounds!

Skellboy Refractured-DARKZER0

SIZE: 353 MB

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