Slimming The Raspberry Pi Pico With a Hacksaw


The Raspberry Pi Pico is the new new famous person of the microcontroller scene, with its fancy IO {hardware} and critical identify popularity. According to the RP2040 “Raspberry Silicon” chip, it’s introducing lovers of the single-board pc line to a decrease degree of embedded building. The Pico isn’t giant, as its identify suggests, however miniaturization is a by no means finishing quest for development – (*4*)so [That Dragon Guy] made up our minds to look if the devboard might be smallified additional at no less than value.

Whilst different smaller RP2040 forums are attaining {the marketplace}, all of them value much more than the $4 of the Pico. Thus, [That Dragon Guy] were given inventive. Having realised that the ground segment of the board was once handiest filled with passive lines and pads, he merely hacked it off with a scroll noticed and sander. This offers a 30% aid in footprint, at the price of some mounting holes, GPIO pins and the debug interface.

In checking out, the remainder of the board endured to serve as completely neatly, so we’re calling this a win. It builds on a laugh experiments [That Dragon Guy] had executed sooner than with the Raspberry Pi B+ (*5*)which gave us a just right snort. The Raspberry Pi has all the time been a minimalist darling, with the Pi 0 of 2021 being a little of a gamechanger, and far cherished by way of this author. Video after the spoil.