Garmin’s Fenix 7 series smartwatches are anything but affordable, which is why this deal on the Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar is quite the amazing deal indeed! Because you can currently save $200 on the price tag for this device. Normally it retails for $799.99 but you can grab it for $599.99. A stellar price drop and one that is likely to stay around this price for Black Friday as it’s already a big discount.

The big thing with the Sapphire Solar versions of Garmin’s Fenix smartwatches is the tougher sapphire crystal glass display, and the solar charging capabilities. These things make it a really good option for anyone who needs something that will stand up to their outdoor adventures. The solar charging can help ensure your watch stays powered on for multiple weeks depending on the features you use. Garmin says up to 22 days if you use the solar charging for 3 hours per day. So go ahead and stay out in the wild for a little longer.

This is a smartwatch so naturally it also gets smartphone notifications and it can use things like Garmin Pay or play music. Of course if you’re getting this kind of a watch you’re probably not using those things as often. But it is nice to know that this watch can do them. It also has loads of sport tracking modes. Most importantly with a watch like this though it supports multiple GPS systems. This is hugely important for safety reasons, and to help you ensure that you don’t get lost. It could also save your life in a pinch. And in addition to the GPS you can download Topo maps from multiple continents so you always know just what routes to take. You can snag this deal from the link below.

Garmin Genix 7 Sapphire Solar

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