Snapdragon 720G vs 730G vs 732G Comparison – Antutu-Geekbench Scores

Qualcomm lately presented a brand new chipset named Snapdragon 732G, and Poco X3 would be the first smartphone to have the most recent chipset. There isn’t any doubt Qualcomm is the present marketplace chief. That is why we see new Qualcomm chipsets extra frequently because of the converting calls for within the trade.

The newest Snapdragon 732G at once competes with its opponents Snapdragon 730G and 720G. Indeed, there isn’t a lot distinction between the entire three chipsets. In this newsletter, we can be comparability Snapdragon 720G vs Snapdragon 730G vs Snapdragon 732G. So, with out losing extra time, let’s get into the purpose.

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Snapdragon 690 vs 730G vs 765G – AnTuTu-GeekBench Benchmark Scores

Other specs come with 3360×1440 pixels QHD+ HDR10 show, 8GB dual-channel LPDDR4X RAM, UFS 2.1 sooner garage and the entire primary API beef up. Both Snapdragon 730g and 732g carry Quick Charge 4+ sooner charging, whilst, the Snapdragon 720g is specific to plain Quick Charge 4.

Other minor adjustments are within the AI division. The Snapdragon 720g arranges Hexagon 692 Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which will have to be appearing higher in comparison to Hexagon 688 discovered on Snapdragon 730g and 732g.

Antutu-Geekbench Scores

Antutu v8

Starting with Snapdragon 720g, the chipset begs 2,82,127 issues in the most recent Antutu v8. The ratings are divided into CPU 1,03,012 issues, GPU 70,829 issues, MEM 51985 issues and UX 56,301 issues. Moving to the Snapdragon 730G, it ratings moderately lesser 2,79,961 issues the place CPU division will get 96,779 issues, GPU 70,500 issues, MEM 55,295 issues and UX 57,387 issues.

Snapdragon 720G VS Snapdragon 730G vs Snapdragon 732G Antutu v8

Meanwhile, Snapdragon 732G is relatively a more moderen chipset. So, we don’t have real-world ratings to be had but. But whilst the release of Poco X3, the primary smartphone to reach with Snapdragon 732G, the corporate finds Antutu ratings. According to the Xiaomi, the smartphone will get 3,01,581 issues in Antutu v8.


It makes it first within the record to pass 300okay mark. It plays marginally higher in CPU with 103,403 issues and GPU 79234 issues in comparison to Snapdragon 720g and 730g SoCs. Overall, all three chipsets carry out similarly smartly on Antutu, making the Snapdragon 732g as a winner adopted via Snapdragon 720g and 730g.


Geekbench 5

Snapdragon 720g ratings 570 issues in single-core and 1735 issues in multi-core on Geekbench 5 effects. It will price citing that we’ve got thought to be Realme 6 ratings to measure Snapdragon 720g Geekbench ratings. Thus, the ratings would possibly fear from tool to tool. On the opposite arms, Poco X2, powered via Snapdragon 730g, ratings 547 issues in single-core and 1626 issues in multi-core effects.

Snapdragon 720g vs Snapdragon 730g vs Snapdragon 732g-geekbench-5

Lastly, Poco X3, powered via Snapdragon 732g, allegedly receives 548 issues in single-core and 1647 issues multi-core ranking, whilst, we nonetheless want to verify real-world ratings after we get arms to the true tool. Overall, there isn’t a lot distinction between the Geekbench ratings. Snapdragon 720g is going forward with marginal lead, which most likely because of optimisations. Otherwise, on paper specs are nearly very similar to the entire chipsets.

Snapdragon 720g Geekbench 5
Snapdragon 720g Geekbench 5
Snapdragon 730g Geekbench 5
Snapdragon 730g Geekbench 5
Alleged Snapdragon 732g Geekbench 5
Alleged Snapdragon 732g Geekbench 5

Final Verdict

Before attaining the overall verdict, I need to ensure that we didn’t discovered any large alternate, that may give primary benefits of any of the discussed chipset. All three SoCs are made for appearing similarly excellent. The Snapdragon 720g goals explicit markets like India, with its unique NavIC beef up. While the opposite two are designed for international utilization.

Snapdragon 732 takes good thing about higher CPU and GPU to outperform Snapdragon 720g and Snapdragon 730g. But you might simply realize the adaptation in the actual global utilization. Overall, Snapdragon 732g is the overall winner with a bit margin adopted via Snapdragon 720g and Snapdragon 730g. All in all, you will have to be expecting remarkable efficiency within the mid-range section doesn’t topic which one you might be opting for.

Snapdragon 732g would possibly carry some benefits, however on the similar time, it’s going to price more cash. But if you wish to avoid wasting cash, you’ll cross with Snapdragon 730g or Snapdragon 720g as the honour is minimum.