Social Media Taboo: Twitter Followers vs. Following Ratio


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Twitter math is inconspicuous. What number of people do you apply? What number of people apply you? Two numbers, that is it.

Twitter customers are difficult. Numerous questions, suggestions, and analyses concerning the so-called “easiest” or “golden” ratio of “fans” vs. “following.”

What is my tackle it?


Twitter Royalty and Social Media Self-importance

There is a fascinating Twitter “phenomenon.” I believe it merits a tale.

For me, it began with the tweets of God. The content material is hilarious and sensible. There is one quantity that stuck my eye, regardless that. This Twitter person, with 6.2M fans, follows simplest one individual. Who may that be?


Justin Bieber. Who else? It makes easiest sense.

I’m wondering, what number of standard Twitter accounts with the extraordinarily disproportional ratio of fans and following are available in the market? What about the ones with ZERO following?

I am enjoying with hearth right here. My teenage daughter is a large fan of one “disproportionate” Twitter person. Fortunately for me, she cares extra about Instagram posts than her daddy’s tales. Both approach, I rely in your discretion, my pricey readers. You understand how they are saying: snitches get stitches.


Once more, it is smart. If “God” on Twitter follows the one and simplest Justin, then the goddess follows no one. I stumbled upon this query on-line: What Your Practice Ratio Says About You? I do not know. I assume those numbers or loss of Twitter following numbers are open to interpretations. “God” has a just right humorousness. Taylor Swift needs to be Switzerland of Twitter (impartial). I do not know. I do not care.

The preferred Twitter account with the very best collection of fans belongs to Barack Obama. Greater than a “wholesome ratio” of his account’s fans and following, I recognize the selection and particularly the order of phrases for his bio. He is first a dad and husband, after which a President and citizen.


What about me, you Vital Drinker, I imply Vital Philosopher Noonies Award Nominee? Sorry, it is simple to get puzzled.

Smartly, I now not have a Twitter account. I do not omit it, except for for one specific time of the 12 months. It is this time of the 12 months – the Hacker Midday Noonies season. Do not get me improper. I don’t want Twitter to extend my possibilities of successful an award. I omit sharing my tales and replying to feedback.

How Twitter Practice Ratio Made Me Let It Move

I assume it is the time for my second of reality. Truthful and sq., I become obsessive about this ratio that I could not take it anymore. I cared extra concerning the collection of my fans than the standard of my tweets. I felt like a Twitter loser. However that is not the one reason why I am staying clear of Twitter.

Twitter algorithms and moderators put the worry of God in me. What took place? Smartly, the street to hell of Twitter suspension is pawed with just right intentions and “bad” hashtags.

I already wrote about it, so have a snappy glance to get my level: Twitter Suspends goLance Over “Minimize The Charges – Do not Minimize Freelancers” Marketing campaign Controversy and Did The Coronavirus Push Twitter Into Auto-Pilot Mode Or Is It Most effective Now That We are Noticing It?

As I already stated, my intentions had been just right; please do not get me misunderstood. I admit that I will have to’ve identified higher after I glance again at it. In my protection, I will say that the ones had been the early days of the pandemic. Who will have identified and guessed that COVID-related hashtags would transform arguable and probably destructive? I indubitably did not.

So, right here I’m, in my self-imposed social media exile. I think much less stressed out. I additionally really feel just right and proud when Hacker Midday tweets my tales. I stored screenshots of my most sensible tales from the closing 12 months’s contest. I additionally took some new ones from the Noonies2021. Speaking about Christmas vibes and unforgettable moments.


So, what is the ethical of this tale? Let me do that one.

Do not pass judgement on books through their covers, and do not pass judgement on Twitter customers through the collection of their fans.

At the moment, you’ll be able to purchase your self Twitter fans as many as you wish to have. On the identical time, everyone knows there is tool that calculates a special more or less ratio – actual vs. faux Twitter fans. So, let’s care extra about phrases and not more about numbers for a metamorphosis. How onerous can it’s?



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