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[solved] Iliad: methods to flip off the answering system?

As you turn off the voice of the Iliad? I asked myself after you gained the umpteenth notification of (*(*20*)*)New voice mail. Iliad turns at the default environment for the answering supplier on each new SIM card presented, and this is a provide of nuisance for us that we would need that the caller receives the message knowledge the standard, and used to be as soon as invited to title once more later, instead of leaving messages -often incomprehensible – throughout the secretariat. Let’s examine the way to disable the voicemail on the number of our Iliad

[risolto] Iliad: come disattivare segreteria telefonica?

To hold out the operation and turn off the answering gadget, you will have to insert the SIM Iliad in a phone and make contact with the amount (*(*20*)*)##002#. It is all proper right here. The operation is because of this truth fairly easy, on the other hand throughout the next paragraphs we will be able to see the way to proceed step by step.

(*15*)Learn how to disable the voicemail with Iliad(*11*)

Let’s get began by way of opening the app (*(*20*)*)Telephone: on Android that’s the icon with the handset

[risolto] Iliad: come disattivare segreteria telefonica? - Screenshot_20190728-165635

Faucet then on the command to show at the numeric keypad. On my smartphone with Android without the “pores and pores and skin”, is represented by way of the blue icon number one throughout the bottom right kind. On devices with customizations invasive, comparable to those propinateci from Xiaomi or Huawei, it might have a fairly different glance

[risolto] Iliad: come disattivare segreteria telefonica? - Screenshot_20190728-165719

Now we dial the amount (*(*20*)*)##002#, then get began the verdict by way of tapping the principle icon throughout the bottom

[risolto] Iliad: come disattivare segreteria telefonica? - Screenshot_20190728-164115

Quiet, may not get began any phone title! This is a group command that disables the answering gadget robotically. After a few moments, it will likely be confirmed a confirmation message generic.

The secretariat is now inactive: anyone who tried to call when the phone is off, out of coverage, or the street is busy, will download the standard invitation to take a look at another time later.

(*15*)Learn how to re-enable the secretariat with Iliad(*11*)

Those that want to subsequently re-enable the voicemail on your own amount should perform the an identical operation, “calling it” one of the following numbers:

  • Turn on answering gadget on the phone line is busy: (*(*20*)*)**67*+393518995012#
  • Turn on voicemail on no resolution: (*(*20*)*)**61*+393518995012*11*(*20*)# (exchange the general (*(*20*)*)(*20*) the number of seconds after which no response should take the secretary and The set price may also be changed with (*(*20*)*)5/(*(*20*)*)(*20*)/(*(*20*)*)15/(*(*20*)*)20/(*(*20*)*)25/(*(*20*)*)30 seconds)
  • Turn on voice mail on not reachable: (*(*20*)*)**62*+393518995012#
  • Permit voice mail always: (*(*20*)*)**21*+393518995012#