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[SOLVED] Mouse location Ubuntu 22.04

I experimented with this a bit using Ubuntu 22.04, and don’t see any change to the flashing circle size with a larger size cursor.

DMZ-white set to 48 px (the max for this cursor)
Yaru set to 52 px

No rings either. But I have seen the expanding rings in some releases in the past – not sure which though.

Summary: Not a feature that is well done – at least in Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10.

are you using Ubuntu 22.04?

Added comment:
I had a nice flashing cursor theme (custom made with xcursorgen utility) that worked in releases before Ubuntu 22.04 and made the cursor easy to spot, but now does not display at all. It still works in Manjaro with the same Gnome Shell version, so this is unexplained.