Spongebob employe of the month eyes

Play SpongeBob SquarePants worker of the month on home windows 10 hp pc(*10*)Hello I do know this can be a little bit of a peculiar query, however I would love to play an previous sport referred to as spongebob squarepants worker of the month at the home windows 10 computer. Every time I load into the sport, or attempt to get started it up, it asks to download DirectX 8.0. After I download
it, it is going away, and is not able to be traced. I would like to listen to step by step tips on how to repair this, as a result of I waited in beef up for four hours, and once they picked up, they could not lend a hand me. I in point of fact would like some lend a hand for this.

(*10*)[Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Install, upgrade, & activate](*8*)