‘Megastar Trek: Picard’ Will Go back in 2022 with a Discuss with from Q

Jean-Luc Picard standing in a grape farm.

Season 1 of Megastar Trek: Picard had low and high issues and left some other folks questioning Jean-Luc Picard is actually Jean-Luc Picard anymore. It’s a case metaphysics and questions best possible left to saints and philosophers. Or perhaps, best possible left to Q, who will go back in Season 2 in 2022.

Spoiler alert: should you haven’t watched all of Megastar Trek: Picard, you may wish to depart at this level figuring out that John de Lancie will reprise his position of Q within the subsequent season of Picard when it premieres someday in 2022. However should you’ve already watched, otherwise you don’t thoughts spoilers, right here’s what you wish to have to grasp.

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Within the season finale of the display, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) died. And now not within the “he died off the display and perhaps he in truth survived” sense. Picard suffered from Irumodic Syndrome, a deadly neurological illness within the Megastar Trek universe. On the age of 94, he had no hope for a long run, no chance of a remedy. Within the ultimate episode, he sacrificed himself to avoid wasting the day, and the illness killed him.

In a while after his demise, Altan Inigo Soong (son of Information’s author, Noonian Soong, all three performed by means of Brent Spiner) transferred Picard’s awareness and recollections right into a golem—an android that regarded precisely like the unique Picard. The frame works like Picard’s natural frame and can sooner or later age and die.

And that bodes the query, is that this golem Picard actually Picard in any respect? It’s query derived from the Send of Theseus. At its most straightforward, you’ll be able to call to mind a brush. You substitute the comb when it wears out. Later you substitute the care for. You then substitute the comb once more, adopted by means of the care for. Do you continue to have the similar broom? You’ve changed each and every phase, however functionally it’s the similar.

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You’ll ask equivalent questions with Megastar Trek‘s transporters, which disassemble an individual on the molecular stage and reassemble them in different places. However Picard is a extra excessive case as a result of his ideas and recollections are necessarily a replica, and his frame is every other entity totally.

But when your ideas, stories, and reminiscence make you who you might be, then Picard lives on in a brand new frame. And if that’s sufficient, then this golem Picard is at best possible a pseudo clone. The display doesn’t totally arrive at a solution, past Picard feeling like he’s nonetheless the unique particular person.

And that’s the place Q comes into play. All the way through First Touch day (a pseudo-holiday by which Vulcans first make touch with people on April fifth, 2063), Paramount introduced some Megastar Trek information, together with a handy guide a rough tease for Season 2 (observed above). It’s transparent that Q is returning, and the teaser ends with the well-known phrases “The Trial by no means ends,” a definite callback to the collection finale of Megastar Trek: The Subsequent Era.

In an all-day Twitch circulation (additionally observed above), Patrick Stewart showed Q’s go back would delve into the Season 1 Picard finale’s penalties. Manufacturing is already underway, however it’s nonetheless too some distance out to vow a get started date. However we now know that Season 2 of Megastar Trek: Picard will debut on Paramount+, the alternative for CBS All Get admission to. Making an allowance for Season 1 debuted on CBS All Get admission to, that’s no wonder, however excellent to grasp however.