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Swap Your Microwave for a High Voltage Stereo

When development a brand new venture, commonplace knowledge suggests to steer clear of “reinventing the wheel”, or doing one thing easy from scratch that’s simply to be had already. However, if you’ll construct a high-voltage wheel, so as to talk, it could be a laugh simply to look what occurs. [Dan] determined to reinvent no longer the wheel, however the speaker, and as a substitute of any typical construct he determined to make one with portions from a microwave and over 6,000 volts.

The circuit he built works necessarily like a Tesla coil with a modulated audio sign as an enter. The construct makes use of the excessive voltage transformer from the microwave too, which steps the 240 V enter as much as round 6 kV. To modulate that more or less voltage, [Dan] sends the audio sign via a GU81M vacuum tube with the beef up of a fleet of excessive voltage capacitors. The antenna attached to the magnetron does have a tendency to catch on fireplace someplace in the course of each and every music, so it’s no longer the most secure tool round despite the fact that the excessive voltage can also be treated correctly, however it does paintings higher than anticipated as a speaker.

If you need a high-voltage speaker that (most likely) received’t burn your home down, although, it could be absolute best to stick with a normal Tesla coil. No guarantees although, since operating with excessive voltages usually doesn’t include protection promises.

Thanks to [David] for the top!