On Microsoft Store, the Samsung Update app may not download, error Code 0x80073D05

I’ve a Samsung Series 9 Notebook and feature been the usage of the Samsung Update app from the Microsoft Store to download Samsung device / BIOS updates since I bought the pc in 12/17. The app has been sometimes glitchy, however no insurmountable problems — till now.

When I attempted to run the Samsung Update app to replace the device lately, I were given a message that the app itself had to restart as a result of an replace. No downside, I clicked restart. So the pc restarted, and I ran the app once more … however the similar message got here up. So I clicked restart once more. But the similar factor came about again and again.

So I went to the Add/Remove program function and uninstalled the Samsung Update app after which attempted reinstalling from the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store says “you personal this app” despite the fact that I obviously deleted it after which tries straight away to reinstall, however at all times comes fails and is derived up with the similar error message Code 0x80073D05.

I already attempted terminating the Microsoft Store processes, restarting Microsoft Store, and uninstalling / reinstalling Microsoft Store. Still the similar consequence after I attempted to download the Samsung Update app — error message Code 0x80073D05. (And simply to make sure, I attempted putting in different apps from the Microsoft retailer, with completely no issues.)

So, I want lend a hand with one or all the following:

1. Another strategy to download the app from the Microsoft Store that I have not attempted / do not know about.

2. Elevating this to the tech division at Microsoft so they are able to repair the Samsung Update app so it is downloadable.

3. A hyperlink to download the Samsung Update app for my that exists outdoor of the Microsoft Store (at the Microsoft site, possibly).

Thank you upfront for any lend a hand you’ll be able to supply! An FYI, beneath is a screenshot of the mistake message.

On Microsoft Store, the Samsung Update app won't download, error Code 0x80073D05 31a1d164-2156-42dc-8927-8118097cb6bd?upload=true.jpg