Boot Not paintings Properly [error code- 0xc000000e]

Boot Error Code 0xc000000e with a slight distinction

I been having this drawback for some time but it surely hasn’t been a lot of a hassle until lately. So I’ve been getting a boot error code 0xc000000e for quiet a while. However regardless that, there’s something that I in finding it bizarre concerning the code. So mainly after I
first put in Windows for the primary time, the whole thing used to be running tremendous. When I attempted to reset the pc in case there used to be any issues, it gave me the mistake code. I attempted other strategies on solving it however I used to be most effective ready to mend the issue brief.
Whenever I’d boot up the menu with the F11 key and click on at the exhausting pressure that has Windows on it, it boots up generally. Even after I reset after this technique, the pc would boot up generally so I believed the whole thing is ok. But after I would reset the
subsequent time, it might nonetheless give me an error code 0xc000000e.

In quick, the cycle could be. First boot just right, second boot no just right so F11 besides up generally, third boot just right, 4th boot no just right so F11 besides up generally. Cycle continues. I by no means discovered a real approach to this and I’m hoping I will in finding any solutions right here.

I’m operating on Windows 10 these days and the pc is ready 4 years previous. So this drawback has been chronic for approximately 4 years and it nonetheless works generally strangely. Any tips on how one can repair this drawback is a great deal liked!!