Fix: Error 0xc00007b “The Application used to be not able to start out accurately”

The application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b is the commonest error after we attempt to open any report. In this information, we can display you one of the best ways to resolve this mistake and use any report in your Windows PC.

Whenever A consumer tries to open any report they generally get the application used to be not able to start out accurately, Usually, this happens as a result of a corrupted report or a corrupted Shortcut which is able to’t release any application correctly.

There may well be 100 of the the reason why the error 0xc00007b pop up in your display screen, But more often than not it happens on Windows 10 whilst you attempt to run a 32bit application on 64bit OS or vice versa.

This is an Incompatibility factor which would possibly happen in the event you attempt to set up or run Different bit application on other bit home windows.

To get extra deep wisdom about this factor we in my opinion attempted as examined to run other bit packages on other os and we additionally encountered the similar “error 0xc00007b“.

In this information, we can display you many other remedy this actual factor. You can take a look at all strategies and notice which one works for you.

Below is the mistake 0xc00007b, This is the mistake you get each time you attempt to open a report

0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly
0xc00007b “the application used to be not able to start out accurately

Method 1. Repair Corrupt System Files

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  • Now Copy xinput1_3.dll report from the extracted folder
  • Now paste the report into C: Windows SysWOW64.
  • Thats all! that is how you’ll change the report and remedy the mistake, It is advisable to make a reboot of your PC to make the adjustments take impact.

    Method 6. Update DirectX

    DirectX report is most commonly accountable to run video games in your Windows PC, Updating the app is every other nice option to do away with The application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b error. As the Application is chargeable for Games so this answer is brief and would possibly handiest paintings with the Affected Games application.

    To Update DirectX you’ll Visit the reputable Microsoft web page of DirectX(right here). First of all, Download the Setup and Run it. If the DirectX report is lacking then you’re going to get the Installation Successful message and if the File is out of date then you’re going to get File up to date effectively Notification.

    Make certain that you just reboot your Pc for the adjustments to Take Effect. Also, take a look at if the report is effectively put in or now not. If the File is but now not put in then you’ll change it with the Smaller or larger Bit model Compatible along with your OS.

    Update DirectX file
    Update DirectX report

    Method 7. Reinstall the affected application

    In all the above Methods, we now have reinstalled the Affected or Suspected information and Applications. Even if the problem isn’t solved now then you’ll Try to Install the affected application which is appearing the mistake over and over.

    Feedbacks are at all times revered, So please percentage the process which labored for you within the Comments phase under.

    Usually, packages are put in accurately and this factor may be now not hooked up with a Corrupted application, But time and again the trail the place we now have put in the application will get corrupted or wishes blank set up. So practice the stairs given under to Reinstall the affected packages.

    Step 1.) Open Control Panel Programs Programs and Features Now faucet on Uninstall A Program.

    Uninstall Affected Application
    Uninstall Affected Application

    Step 2.) Now proper click on at the Affected application and faucet on Uninstall.

    Install the application Again
    Install the application Again

    Step 3.) The uninstall wizard will ask you many confirmations simply faucet on Uninstall.

    Step 4.) Now the Application shall be Uninstalled, However, from time to time some information of the app stay in your Pc. To Completely take away the application make a reboot of your software.

    Step 5.) After the PC Boots up, Reinstall the app and take a look at if the problem is solved or now not.

    If the problem used to be because of A corrupted application then Reinstalling it’ll Solve the problem Permanently.

    Method 8. Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

    Windows Os brings many mistakes along side it, But the dangerous factor about this Notorious The application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b error is that you’ll’t expect or know what in reality brings this mistake.

    Now every other nice option to Fix 0xc00007b error is by way of Reinstalling C++ Redistributable in your Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7 os.

    Though there’s no transparent proof of Microsoft Visual C++ bringing this factor, alternatively, it’s accountable to convey Many different mistakes. So if the problem isn’t but resolved for then you you’ll take a look at Reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ once more after which checking if the problem is solved or now not.

    Step 1.) Open Control Panel Programs Programs and Features and Tap on Uninstall A program.

    Reinstall C++ to solve the issue
    Reinstall C++ to resolve the problem

    Step 2.) Now Navigate to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

    For 32 Bit you Have to Tap on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – x86

    For 64 Bit Os you need to Tap on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable – x64

    Choose the Correct os model and Tap on Uninstall.

    Step 3.) The uninstall Wizard will open, Manually set up all of the Redistributable’s

    Step4.) Perform a Reboot of your Pc to wipe out all of the Redistributable’s

    Step 5.) Now you need to manually set up the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable once more. You can take the assistance of installers to Install the C++. For X86 use this(right here) and For X64 use this (right here)

    Step 6.) Just Sit and Relax, Installer will care for the remainder of the method.

    Once The redistributables are correctly put in make a reboot of your Windows PC. Doing this may remedy all of the problems which you were given.

    Method 9. Run CHKDSK to scan your pc’s Hard Drive

    One of the most important causes in the back of error 0xc00007b  is erroneous onerous force If the onerous force in your Windows os is corrupted and the particular program or application is put in on that partition then chances are high that very robust that you just may well be dealing with this factor as a result of malfunctioned onerous force.

    CHKDSK Scan will scan the entire onerous force. Below is the Easiest option to Scan a troublesome force and get the answer of this downside.

    • Open the Start Menu
    • Now open Command Prompt window by way of looking out “Cmd”
    • Now Right Click on Command suggested app and faucet run as administrator.
    • Now you need to Give the next Command to Run CHKDSK
    chkdsk /f /r
    • Now you’re going to be requested to Schedule the method once more or now not. If you wish to have to Schedule you’ll Type (y for sure) and (n for No)
    • Now restart the pc
    • Now with each and every Start, the CHKDSK will get started scanning onerous force for imaginable faults.
    • Once the method is finished the Windows will boot as commonplace
    • Now you’ll take a look at if the issue is solved or now not.

    It is advisable to often scan your onerous force and take a look at the well being of your Hard force. We hope the above-given manner solved your downside.

    In case in case you are nonetheless getting The application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b error then you’ll take a look at our closing manner.

    Method 10. Update Windows

    This is the closing confirmed manner that may be just right for you Before you get started this technique it is suggested that you’re taking a correct backup of all of the information. This manner comes to putting in home windows. So there are possibilities that you could lose all of the outdated knowledge all the way through the set up procedure.

    Windows Updates are rolled out with mounted insects, and Issues. So if there’s some factor from Microsoft’s finish then putting in a Windows Update can remedy this factor.

    Step 1.) To release home windows Settings you need to press Windows Button () + I button in combination.

    Step 2.) Now open settings and faucet on “Update and Security”, Now choose “Windows Update” From the left panel.

    Update Windows
    Update Windows

    Step 3.) Now faucet on Check for Updates, If an replace is to be had then faucet on Download Windows Update.

    Step 4.) Once the replace is Downloaded, You can Install it.

    You must at all times take a look at the newest replace of home windows if to be had or now not, Latest Updates include new options and insect fixes.

    These above are probably the most confirmed tactics to mend The application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b, Still, if the problem isn’t solved then you’ll take a look at Additional strategies given under.

    Running in Compatibility Mode

    This is the extra manner, According to the comments given by way of customers, Running OS in Compatibility mode additionally solved 0xc00007b factor for many of us.

    Sometimes the home windows move in incompatibility mode, and that’s the explanation many apps get started getting 0xc00007b error. You can remedy the problem by way of following the below-given steps one by way of one:

    1. Open the site trail of the application, Now proper click on at the primary executable.
    2. Now faucet on “Properties” and after that open the “Compatibility” tab.
    3. After opening the compatibility tab, Tap on “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode For
    4. Now choose “Windows Vista” for Vista Users, “Windows 7” For 7 customers, “Windows 8” for 8 customers, and “Windows 10” for home windows 10 customers.
    5. After Selecting Tap on “Apply” after which “OK
    6. Now make a reboot of your Windows PC
    7. Now take a look at if the problem is solved or now not.
    Windows compatibility mode
    Windows compatibility mode

    Installing “.dll” report

    If the Issue is just for the VLC participant then this technique will paintings, There are just a few explicit apps that display this mistake and VLC is one of them. If your VLC presentations the application used to be not able to start out accurately 0xc00007b then be sure that it has .dll report accurately put in.

    This factor doesn’t stand up for each and every consumer as lots of the customers have .dll report put in on their System 32 folder, But in the event you see that the .dll report is lacking then you wish to have to take correct precaution as machine 32 folder is a machine folder and in the event you delete any essential report then your home windows would possibly face booting problems.

    So at all times practice this step very in moderation, Below is the correct option to set up or Replace the corrupted .dll report from the machine 32 folders.

    Always just be sure you cross the .dll report via Virus general scanner, Most of the time the .dll report downloaded from the web is inflamed so at all times scan it after which handiest paste it within the System 32 folder.

    1. First of all Download the recent .dll report from the reputable web site(right here)
    2. Now open the folder the place the report is downloaded, Now Right-click at the report and faucet on replica. (Alternatively, you’ll Also Type CTRL+C)
    3. Now open the System 32 folder, Present on the following location
    4. C:WindowsSystem32
    5. Now you need to press CTRL+V to stick the report within the folder.
    6. Now make a reboot of your software, Thats all
    7. The factor shall be solved.

    Update all of the Drivers

    Drivers are probably the most crucial section to run any instrument or application, Sometimes the drivers get out of date and as a result of that we are facing the application used to be not able to start out accurately error. So the most productive factor you’ll do to resolve this factor is by way of Updating all of the drivers put in in your Pc.

    There are a variety of Softwares to be had which is able to permit you to to Automatically replace drivers in your PC. Incase if the app you’re the use of is out of date then just be sure you replace the app as smartly.

    To remedy problems Developers forestall the enhance of Outdated application and this may well be the explanation that the app you are attempting to open is appearing your mistakes.

    Thats all !! those are probably the most strategies we use to resolve the 0xc00007b error, Incase in the event you additionally know another approach then just be sure you write that within the feedback phase under. We will replace the Guide with that operating information when imaginable.