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What Everyone Else Did With Eight Bits, The Germans Did With Only One

In the 1980s there was once an impetus for the primary time for younger other people to be supplied with laptop literacy. Numerous other tutorial programmes had been introduced, most often involving a collaboration between a pc producer and a broadcaster, and that includes BASIC programming on one of the 8-bit house computer systems of the day. One such tutorial scheme was once a little bit other despite the fact that, the German broadcaster WDR produced an academic collection the use of a modular laptop that includes an strange 1-bit processor that was once programmed in hexadecimal system code. [Jens Christian Restemeier] has produced a reproduction of this system, that it as just about the unique as he could make it.

The laptop is named the WDR-1, and had its foundation in a package system ahead of it was once taken up by means of the broadcaster. The strange 1-bit processor is a Motorola MC14500, which was once created from 1977 onwards for commercial keep an eye on packages. He takes the viewer within the video underneath the spoil during the system’s portions, explaining the aim of every daughter card and the motherboard. Lacking an unique to duplicate he as a substitute labored from images to duplicate the chip placements of the unique, substituting pin headers for the strange sockets used at the 1980s machines. Take a have a look at his video, underneath the spoil.

More data at the WDR-1 will also be discovered on-line in German (Google translate hyperlink). Meanwhile we’ve featured the MC14500 ahead of, in a small embedded laptop.

MC14500 symbol: JPL [CC BY-SA 4.0]