Have more money stashed away? This 100TB SSD Can Be Yours For $40,000

ExaDrive 100TB SSD

ExaDrive 100TB SSD (Image credit score: Nimbus Data)

Nimbus Data, who is legendary for its huge venture SSDs, introduced the 100TB ExaDrive SSD two years in the past. The corporate by no means did divulge the pricing at release, and now we will be able to see why.

TechRadar lately spotted that Nimbus Data has in spite of everything listing the costs for the logo’s ExaDrive lineup. The 50TB unit prices $12,500, whilst the 100TB fashion will set you again a whopping $40,000. If we do the maths, this comes all the way down to $250 in line with terabyte at the first and as much as $400 in line with terabyte at the latter.

The ExaDrive comes inside of a 3.5-inch case, and it is to be had with both an ordinary SATA III or SAS-2 interface. The worth stays the similar for each so it is as much as the client to select the layout that matches into the device.

According to the producer, the SSD leverages four flash controllers which can be escorted by way of a protocol processor whose task is to direct knowledge visitors. The ExaDrive SSD makes use of enterprise-grade 3-D MLC (multi-level cellular) NAND chips and is derived with DRAM even supposing Nimbus Data does not specify simply how a lot.

Nimbus Data ExaDrive Specifications

ModelCapacity (TB)Sequential Read (MBps)Sequential Write (MBps)Random Read (IOPS)Random Write (IOPS)Endurance (DWPD)WarrantyPricing
EDDCT100100500500114,000106,000Unlimited5 Years$40,000
EDDCS10010045026052,00026,000Unlimited5 Years$40,000
EDDCT0505050047097,00091,000Unlimited5 Years$12,500
EDDCS0505045026050,00025,000Unlimited5 Years$12,500

Obviously, the ExaDrive’s distinctiveness is its density because the pressure’s efficiency inside of  what you could possibly be expecting from an ordinary SATA SSD.

The SATA fashions ship sequential learn and write speeds as much as 500 MBps and the random learn and write speeds as much as 114,000 IOPS and 106,000 IOPS. 

The SAS variants, alternatively, max out at 450 MBps and 260 MBps for sequential learn and write speeds, respectively. The random perfomance is just right for as much as 97,000 IOPS reads and 91,000 IOPS writes.

ExaDrive SSDs are rated with limitless staying power over a length of five years. The drives are designed for venture methods so they’ll play great with servers from large names, together with Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro and Tyan.