Review Hua mat New Ry for power but also efficiency, displa IP IPS 16 ” to work in comfort and very fast charging. This MateBook 16 will not be the cheapest Huaei Let’s start from size, not bad for a 16 ” since we are talking about 351 2 17.8 mm thickness and 1.99 kg weight. The endowment of door it consists of:USB-C 2 2 (supports data, charging and Displaport, USB3. 2 Gen1 2, HDMI HDMI, ACK 2-in-1 Pack for 3.5 mm headphones and microphone.The display it’s one of the things I liked the most, it’s an LCD IPS with resolution from 2.5 K (2520 x 1680), 90% screen/body ratio, so very thin frames, and size 3:2, less suitable for watching movies or videos but more for office use. The brightness it arrives at 300nits, good but on the outside a little more would not have marred and then not bad neither the colors nor the viewing angles for an LCD. Too bad you miss the automatic brightness sensor. The processor the version I tried is the Ry at 7nm of AMD flanked by 16GB of RAM DDR4 e 512GB of SSD.  As for the performance I must say not bad, it does not heat and therefore never Fan if not during the most burdensome operations such as video Assembly in 4K, which however remains feasible despite not having a dedicated video card. Regarding keyboard e trackpad I must say that I appreciated both of them, della keyboard I do not like the default setting that turns off the lighting after a while and forces you to press a random key to wake it up but there is fortunately the possibility of keeping it always on from the “Accessibility” section of the settings. The trackpad it is very large and made of glass, so the fingers slide well and even mount a video came to me quite simple. Also promoted the audio compartment because of the remarkable volume and bass, which are there. The battery it is a 84H which with office use also guarantees 7-8 hours of use while under stress such as with rendering or games you descend on the 2 hours. The price of this version with Ry it is of 1,099 euros, that there are seen its characteristics but do not make it definitely a best Bu Bu If you are looking for value for money as a first thing then the winners always remain the usual MateBook D14 or D15 that are around 500-600 euros. Best bu o or not this 16 ” remains an excellent PC with which to do everything and Huaei HUAEI I CurieM -f FD9AW, MateBook 16 Laptop, displa 2 2.5 K Fullvie da 16″ laptop PC, …Buy Now on Amazon! 1099,00 €

new Ryzen for energy but additionally potency, displa IP IPS 16 ” to paintings in convenience and really speedy charging. This MateBook 16 might not be the most cost effective Huaei Please enable JavaScript to view the comments.

If the $1,099 iMac used to be a PC, it wouldn’t have the ability to improve to Home windows 11

(*15*)(*10*) (*12*) Microsoft’s Home windows 11 compatibility made (*2*)numerous information ultimate week, as the corporate has carried out stricter-than-usual necessities for its upcoming working device. Whilst Home windows 10 used to be supported by means of decade-old PCs, Home windows 11 doesn’t even improve some contemporary Microsoft Floor gadgets. As an example, the Floor Move,… Continue reading If the $1,099 iMac used to be a PC, it wouldn’t have the ability to improve to Home windows 11