Upgrade Hard Drive from 128GB to 512 GB

Creating whole backup of Inspiron 7558’s 453 GB exhausting power

I’m making an allowance for purchasing both a Seagate Ultra Slim 500 GB transportable backup power or a 512 GB SD card from so I’d be able to repair my pc utterly if it must crash. That is, I again up the whole thing on my Inspiron’s 453 GB exhausting
power and if and when it does crash in the future at some point, I merely run the pc from that disc symbol and proceed the use of it as though it by no means crashed. The 512 GB SD card choice is way more dear, however I will be able to merely stay it within the pc’s SD card
slot all the time and feature it again up my whole exhausting power day-to-day. I’m now not even positive if that is conceivable, however whether it is, I’ve a number of explicit questions on which method is best to do it.

1. Do transportable exhausting drives or SD playing cards have a tendency to get much less dependable if I had a whole exhausting power backup stored and overwritten on them day-to-day?

2. If and once I would wish to repair my pc, is Windows 10 any further more likely to act upon any such backup from both one over some other?

3. Is there any explanation why instead of garage capability Microsoft recommends transportable backup drives over SD playing cards for backing up computer systems?

4. Should an SD card with 512 GB of space for storing ultimate no less than 36 months with a whole exhausting power backup stored and overwritten day-to-day?

5. Is a 500 GB USB exhausting power much more likely to ultimate no less than 60 months with any such backup stored and overwritten day-to-day than a 512 GB SD card?

6. Will saving and overwriting mentioned backup of my pc’s exhausting power on a much less common foundation make it much more likely both will ultimate 96 months?