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Homebrew 16-Bit Computer is a Wire-Wrapped Work of Art

Breadboard 8-bit pc builds appear the entire rage nowadays, and with excellent reason why: construction your personal CPU from the board up the use of discrete good judgment chips is an effective way to actually find out how microprocessors paintings. Not to say that it’s an improbable flex. But if you’ve conquered the eight-bit, what do you do? Easy: construct a 16-bit pc from 74HC good judgment chips.

Attentive readers will most likely keep in mind this pc’s builder, [Paulo Constantino], from his earlier paintings on 8-bit breadboard computer systems. As gloriously entropic as that tangled mass of wires was once, it will have to had been a nightmare for [Paulo] to handle. And so when the time got here to improve, he correctly selected a extra built-in building way. The building way is wire-wrapping, with more than one playing cards plugged into backplane and attached via ribbon cables. The complete card cage is some distance neater than the former construct, and turns out to lend itself to fast changes. The best card within the cage acts as a keep an eye on panel for now; sooner or later, [Paulo] planes to place an actual entrance panel at the cage to toughen the entire switches and blinkenlights such builds call for. Stretch targets come with supporting audio and video and getting the gadget on-line so any individual can log in.

The video underneath is an summary of the present state of the gadget; previous movies in the playlist duvet the design and construct in additional element. We hope to peer schematics quickly, and we’d love to grasp the place to get a few of the ones wire-wrap PCBs for initiatives of our personal.