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Geek Trivia: Nintendo Experimented In The Late 1980s With What Odd NES Peripheral?

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An example of the NES knitting machine in action.Nintendo

Answer: A Knitting Machine

In the 1980s, Nintendo launched numerous peripherals for his or her iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Most players will readily recall the extra cherished ones just like the Zapper Light Gun, Power Glove arm-mounted sport controller, and R.O.B. (Nintendo’s strive at a gaming robotic accent).

If you don’t recall Nintendo’s Knitting Machine peripheral, then again, we will be able to infrequently blame you. Not simplest did the product no longer make it to the mass marketplace, but it surely used to be this type of curious collection of peripheral enlargement for a online game gadget that even guessing it existed is fantastic.

The elementary premise of the tool used to be that the NES would serve as as an 8-bit mind for the knitting device. Users would acquire cartridges that contained knitting patterns, and by way of feeding yarn into the digital loom whilst it used to be attached to the NES, the tool would knit the entirety from scarves to mittens to sweaters.

While the device used to be a complete flop when Nintendo pitched it to quite a lot of toy retail outlets and at electronics expos, the very premise of it, an digital tool that makes issues, would do rather well within the provide with the entire maker motion—given the upward thrust of three-D printing and basic pastime in such issues.

In truth, when retired Nintendo online game manufacturer and spokesman Howard Phillips posted photos of an ad-copy for the tool on social media internet sites again in 2021, the reaction used to be nearly universally alongside the strains of, “Well, five yr previous me wouldn’t have sought after that again within the 1980s, however 30 yr previous me would purchase it in a heartbeat now.” Clearly the Nintendo Knitting Machine used to be forward of its time.