Ancestors Legacy Review – A Good Console Strategy Game? Madness!


Ancestors Legacy

PC: 22nd of May, 2021. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One: 13th of August, 2021

Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Publisher 1C leisure

Developer Destructive Creations

Strategy video games normally do not belong on consoles. This is not truly a bizarre factor to mention, it is moderately widely recognized by means of now that the restrictions of a sport unhealthy do not paintings properly with the style, with a couple of exceptions for side-scrolling titles like Sword & Soldiers, turn-based titles like XCOM 2 or Valkyria Chronicles 4 or, on uncommon events, real-time video games that experience truly labored at it, both being evolved with consoles in thoughts or simply being appropriate, for one reason why or every other. Ancestors Legacy, evolved by means of Destructive Creations and printed by means of 1C Entertainment, is one of those video games.

Every Sunday, I’ll be reviewing an older sport or one we weren’t in a position to hide on free up. If there is any specific name you need to look reviewed, let me know within the feedback and if there is one specifically properly asked (or that intrigues me), I’ll assessment it.

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Originally launched at the PC at the 22nd of May, 2021, Ancestors Legacy was once ultimately launched at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One round two months in the past at the 13th of August, 2021.  The query is a straightforward one, with it being a technique sport, is it price getting on a console? Let’s smash the assessment for you straight away: Yes, it’s. There are some caveats to that observation, this is not going to be the sport for each method fan, although it is definitely a excellent access level for others.

If you have been to make a hyperlink to every other sport, the aptest can be Company of Heroes with a splash of Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth because of how the whole thing controls. In the case of devices, you’ll be able to construct a (very restricted) choice of squads, each and every of them having a collection choice of devices that may be healed or recovered. At least some may also be healed. In the case of establishing your base, it is a set space and also you shouldn’t have to fret in regards to the placement of the rest, you simply choose what you need to construct subsequent. Everything has its preordained place.

Even with regards to useful resource acquisition you can in finding it is a lot more uncomplicated than the standard method fare. Maps have villages scattered round and also you merely burn down the warehouse, letting then you definitely seize the village. Once captured you’ll be able to use the construction to assign other people to useful resource nodes in addition to construct positive defensive parts. If I’ve to present the sport a bit of of credit score, it by no means makes it so you’ll be able to simply forget about a village. You at all times must be excited about defence, regardless of when you’ve constructed all defensive constructions.

This takes numerous the complication out of items, making it a lot more appropriate for using a controller and the truth that you are at all times going to be that bit slower when taking part in a technique sport on a console. If I do have any problems with the sport, it is also a subject I’ve with the PC model. It’s that the whole thing feels just a little too small scale now and then, with you having a most of ten squads at any one time. Sure, with allies you’ll be able to move above this most, however what you at once keep an eye on is proscribed.

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What makes this worse is that the AI in Ancestors Legacy is, to place it as effectively as imaginable, moronic. AI Allies, in marketing campaign or skirmish, will simply meander to their dying – slightly placing up a battle. Even when they are now not necessarily feeding themselves to the enemy, they are simply making probably the most idiotic selections imaginable. Yes, I do know – let’s totally skip the village being taken from us to wander to every other, midway around the map. Let’s additionally cut up up, that means we get totally beaten. LOGIC.

To be truthful, I have no idea if it is because of the AI being simply that bit silly, however enemies do the similar factor. Often, it will in fact take you by means of wonder, with them simply doping up in probably the most random of puts. I’ve recognized four or extra squads pop up some distance in the back of what will be the entrance line, taking me by means of wonder. That’s in Skirmish anyway, within the campaigns they appear to be just a little extra inflexible and predictable. I’m now not in fact positive which I favor, each being mistaken in their very own tactics.

At least the AI understands how one can utilise their troops successfully when they are in fact in struggle. You see, you’ll be able to construct a collection choice of defences alongside the best way and as soon as they have fallen for one lure, they in fact get started the usage of devices within the space in a defensive formation, permitting them to come across different traps. It’s small, however in fact displays a bit of of commonplace sense that you just hardly ever see in those kind of titles. In addition to this, additionally they appear to degree devices up (devices acquire enjoy, letting you degree them up as both defensive, offensive or speed-oriented troops) in a sensible and environment friendly method.

On the marketing campaign in Ancestors Legacy, it is very meaty. It in depth, however can really feel just a little repetitive. Spread throughout four countries, each and every having two leaders with their very own levels to move via, you’ll in finding your self giving up numerous time to get throughout the sport. The downside is that the four factions: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs, are all very an identical. Part of that is necessarily the surroundings of the sport, although different titles with a an identical surroundings permit sides to really feel that bit other.

The variations are normally moderately easy. Vikings have more potent melee devices, weaker ranged devices, tech and armour prices extra however their structures are necessarily constituted of suits, with how simple they’re to break. Slavs have a singular unit within the archer-cavalry, with the trade-off that they’ve no heavy infantry. Anglo-Saxons, understandably, have distinctive tech for ranged devices – specifically the longbowmen. Germans have a greater variety of devices with their primary level being awesome structures and generation. Similar however just a bit other, that is one of the simplest ways to explain the factions.

It’s helpful as a result of when taking part in on-line, there is not any method any one may make the argument that one faction is by some means higher than the opposite. They’re extremely properly balanced, each and every having those little professionals and cons. It’s as much as the participant to make it paintings for them and in finding what fits them. I’m a defensive-minded particular person, so I’ve discovered myself the usage of the Germans or Anglo-Saxons greater than any individual else. If there is the rest to be stated about this, it makes the web multiplayer enticing, to mention the least, and maximum veritably about talent. With it being on consoles, it is also now not on the subject of how briskly you might be at clicking. I’m now not.

Aesthetically, Ancestors Legacy is moderately respectable too. There is not quite a lot of selection in what you are looking at, nevertheless it a minimum of seems to be excellent. What specifically works properly is how detailed the animations of each and every unit are. It’s in fact moderately great to observe as your warriors Mod away at enemies, particularly when you zoom in. it additionally is helping that the UI for the consoles could be very crisp, blank and uncluttered, however nonetheless provides the entire knowledge you wish to have. The audio, however, is a bit of of a blended bag. I’ve spotted some stuttering right here and there, plus the voice appearing is… Well, it is there, that is the most productive I will be able to say about it.

All in all, I will be able to truthfully say that Ancestors Legacy is a good method sport in its personal proper, definitely extra appropriate for many who are simply short of to take shallow steps into the style. More than that, it is also one of the only a few respectable method video games on consoles.

PS4 model reviewed. Copy supplied by means of the writer.


Ancestors Legacy is a in truth excellent console method name, with Destructive Creations having ported the sport over properly with enhancements to UI and controls to make it as playable as imaginable on a gamepad. As for the sport itself, whilst simplistic in comparison to different method titles, it provides an excellent jumping-in level for the ones new to the style. Even the ones acquainted will in finding one thing relaxing inside, with a well-balanced (albeit small) roster of factions helps a powerful multiplayer, even a good, albeit repetitive marketing campaign.


  • A properly designed strategy-game port which is in fact excellent to play on consoles
  • Great UI which is definitely designed for consoles
  • Looks respectable, with nice animations
  • Very properly balanced multiplayer
  • Very available for the ones new to the tactic style


  • This can depart it feeling reasonably simplistic for the ones aware of the style
  • AI may also be extremely silly in the way it directs the devices
  • The marketing campaign can really feel very repetitive