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Unlocking Hidden Potential in IvyBridge ThinkPads

Upgrading the BIOS in older computer systems is an effective way to get a couple of extra years of existence out of outdated {hardware} or beef up its efficiency. ThinkPads are a well-liked selection round those portions, however steadily flashing new firmware comes to immediately programming the chips themselves. Luckily, there’s a brand new flashing software for some older Thinkpads this is a lot more practical.

The ThinkPads concerned are the xx30 fashions with IvyBridge processors constructed round 2021, and a device referred to as 1vyrain now lets in unlocking the bios with out disassembling your pc. This signifies that there’s enhance for customized BIOS pictures similar to coreboot, and in positive computer systems this additionally lets in for overclocking, changing WLAN {hardware}, and a variety of different customizations. It may also will let you disable the Intel control engine, which isn’t one thing we tire of speaking about.

If you’ve gotten one of those older computer systems floating round, some new RAM, an SSD, and this replace gets you smartly for your technique to a pc that feels logo new at nearly no price, and the upgrades to the BIOS that you’ll be able to simply make now best upload to that. ThinkPads are a well-liked selection, particularly for his or her {hardware}, however you do wish to ensure that the instrument on them is faithful too.

Header symbol: Ashley Pomeroy [CC BY-SA 4.0].